The Deciding Moment

Posted by Judith
Dr. Elliot Lander

Dr. Elliot Lander, Stem Cell Clinic, Rancho Mirage, CA

When we started looking into how and where to have our stem cell infusions done, we thought we would have to leave the US and go to Thailand or the Phillipines. A variety of phone calls and email exchanges resulted in huge pricing quotes and long travel requirements. Not appealing.

Then we mentioned our interest to a friend back east and he told us his first cousin Elliot Lander, MD in Rancho Mirage, CA had a stem cell clinic. Wow! We were excited and set up a phone consult right away. Elliot was terrific. Smart. Attentive. Educational. Cutting edge. We’d found the location. Now, we needed to set a date. That was back in August 2014. And then one thing and another kept us from setting a date.

That was until my hip muscle pain of four years was diagnosed as “arthritis.” Up until then I was convinced that it was psychological (I’m a shrink after all) and a massage therapist had been able to get the pain to go away entirely about 3 years ago. But it came back. And since then I’d worked with a sports chiropractor and had ongoing deep muscle massage. But some x-rays revealed more of the picture.

Once the word “arthritis” entered our world, that did it. We set up our stem cell infusions to be dome June 12, 2015 with Elliot in his Stem Cell Clinic in Rancho Mirage, CA. All that was required in advance was blood work for each of us (which we’d had recently enough so we just had to get copies of them and copies of our x-rays. Jim had to have his done but I already had mine.) They also needed a financial deposit for each of us. The hotel Elliot’s staff recommended was nearby and they had arranged a significant reduction in room rate when we said we were patients of Elliot’s.

And then the day finally came…. I’ll be back shortly with a description of the actual procedure.