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Overcoming the Fear Of Being Fabulous

Nearly everyone feels held back in some way, restricted from living their fullest life whether it’s in love, business, wealth, health…you name it. And certainly we have experienced it big time, even walking away from successful careers as professional actors earlier in our lives. That’s why when we discovered what had brought us down through the process of deep personal exploration, what we now call “The Fear Of Being Fabulous,” we knew we had to share it with anyone who was interested in opening up their lives.

If this resonates with you, take a look:

“In my more than 15 years of being an active participant in the field of personal development, first as a student, later as a teacher, coach and private consultant, and in spite of having achieved relative successes along the way, the challenge of overcoming and moving past a deep, deep underlying sense of feeling stuck in my own life nevertheless seemed to persist as an impossible dream to accomplish. Fortunately, there was a stubborn streak in me that kept prodding me to take one more small step, over and over and over again, past a thousand disappointments in yet another success program that didn’t work because its teachings proved to be too superficial. Then, one recent day, I found my way to Judith and Jim’s Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous program. Guess what! This program, combined with Judith and Jim’s personal touch and care, contained the necessary profound psychological depth, wisdom, and power to finally, finally, finally help me understand, resolve, and move beyond that darn persistent stuck-state toward being fabulous instead.”
– Tom Albertsson, Keflavik, Iceland

“I purchased your program and I felt as though what you guys were saying was like it was personally directed towards me, as though you had been reading my “life script.” The end result was like an aspirin dissolving my problems.”
– Steve Metcalfe, Rockingham, Australia

“I can’t rave enough about “Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous.” I discovered latent fears I didn’t even realize I had. The material was insightful and uplifting! Judith and Jim have an easy-going conversational style of presentation that made me feel like part of their family. I am now ready to go beyond some crippling resistance and act in faith to succeed in business. This instructional series of CDs gave me the information and courage I needed to view myself as the worthwhile person I really am. Thank you, Judith and Jim. You are the best teachers ever!”
– Kay Doornbos, Ocean Ridge, FL


In contrast to hard topic copywriting, typically used for products that produce financial return, we developed our 7-session course Soft Topic Copywriting Secrets for people who market products and services that enhance people’s lives. Soft Topic Copywriting bridges heart and marketing because the relationship between you – the provider – and your customer is an invaluable element

of the exchange. Now you can learn to market your services and/or products with dignity and self-respect while speaking to the integrity and heart of your perfect client or customer.

If you’ve been looking for a way to promote what you do in a way that makes you proud to do so, take a look:

“Never knew how off-target I was in my sales copy until I took Judith & JIm’s “Soft Copy Writing Secrets” I learned more about copywriting for my market in just the first couple of sessions than all those years studying with some of the Internet Gurus. Thank you both.”
– MaryJo Wagner, Ph.D., Marble, Colorado

“I’ve headed up direct mail for J. Walter Thompson (New York City) and The New York Times Corporation, and run my own direct marketing agency. I’ve won just about every honor and award there is in the industry. It’s almost impossible to teach the nuances of copywriting genius. I say “almost” because Jim and Judith do it! They are wonders at showing you how to infuse your copy with magical selling power.”
– Art Klein, Direct Marketer, Catskill, NY

“I have steadfastly refused to engage in hard sell tactics, yet have understood that it is vital to get the word out about my services in an effective, authentic way. Up until now, I haven’t known how to do this. Your class is a godsend! I’ve attended many workshops and teleclasses in search of the strategies and techniques that would allow me to deliver my message with authenticity and be effective in selling my services. Your class is by far the best.”
– Lauren E. Sullivan, CPC, Santa Barbara, CA



Smart Dating for Success Every Time – Guaranteed!

Or to put it another way….Smart Dating for Smart Mating

Not only do we show you how to make every date a success . . . we also show you how to date so that you’ll only be involved with the right kind of people . . .

When you date the traditional way, the frustration can be SO disappointing —

So if you are ready for a change . . . a change that can bring you what you’re looking for . . . a change that can truly lead to finding The One our program :Smart Dating” is something you need to check out.


What if every date you go on could be a success?

Every one! No joke. No yadda yadda. Every one!

Yes, that’s why we show you…

  • How to protect yourself from the emotional risks of dating
  • Why traditional dating is not in your best interest
  • That you can get what you want out of every date . . .

no matter how it goes

  • How to spot emotional resistance and know what to do about it . . . so the negative blather that goes on in your head doesn’t run the way you date.
  • How and why you’ll be able to reveal yourself without fear . . .

(and why fear won’t be a problem)

  • And discover how revealing yourself acts like a magnet, attracting The One you’re looking for…The One who’s looking for you.

And that’s just for starters.

Check it out

“Date the Way You Want to Mate is so simple, so obvious and so right on and yet I never heard anyone talk about it at all until Smart Dating. Without your idea it’s like going on a trip without a map or a destination. You opened my eyes and I want to thank you because I started dating the way I want to mate and I’m engaged to the woman I was looking for all my life.”
– Norman Zdyr, Chicago, IL

“Your “Smart Dating Program” showed me how to see the light at the end of the tunnel and now I have real tools to create a healthy and satisfying relationship. Thank you both for your dedication and ease in sharing your gifts. The shared honesty of your lives and relationship makes the road ahead glimmer with possibility.”
– Candy Listowski, Chicago, IL

“Every woman I know puts on a “front” when dating and it is never who she really is, so she never attracts who she would really be compatible with. Amazing! But, since I listened to your Smart Dating teleseminar, I will be recommending your approach to all my single girlfriends!”
– Deborah Genovesi, Los Angeles, CA