Our First Interest in Stem Cells

Posted by Judith

About 5 years ago we began to read about extreme life extension—living to 150 and beyond— with good health and vitality. It even made the cover of TIME magazine. And for a short while we had a little start up called “Ageless Zoom” with a couple of partners. But like with many start ups this one imploded due to partner problems. And we moved on.

But while we were involved we interviewed some of the leading edge names in the anti-aging field. For example Aubrey de Grey believes that the person who can/will live to 1000 is already alive today. Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey is an English author and biomedical gerontologist, currently the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, in case you are interested, and he was one of our favorite interview guests for Ageless Zoom.

The more we learned the more we became convinced that we could and would be among those who would live to at least 150. And our own adult stem cells would be part of our project, along with a variety of supplements, mild stretching and exercise (which we’re still working on getting into a daily habit), and staying active with our work and play.

We still work full time as executive coaches and leadership trainers on retainer at LinkedIn and with other corporate and private clients as well.

Sooooo, that’s the early background that helped bring us to decide to have full body stem cell infusions Friday June 12, 2015!

Stay tuned…..