Okay, now it’s my turn

Posted by Jim

First I want to thank Judith for her first four posts and carrying the load to get this blog started.

So how was it for me?

At least twenty years ago (I was 53 then) we had dinner with an online medical researcher. He said to us, “If you can live to eighty in really good health you can choose the day of your death.” How about that for provocative. But that’s when it began for me.

To make an important point, for me this is not about living forever. I have no problem with the idea of dying but I admit I would still like a bunch of years because of the things I still want to do (ex: I just published my first novel, Worship of Hollow Gods, and am in process with my second and feel like I have several more that want to be written and Judith and I are not retired as executive coaches and leadership trainers nor do we intend to be) so I need some time.

And another point: I would like, during that time, to be as healthy and vital as is possible, therefore my interest in stem cell infusion.

As Judith described, the process of cell extraction was painless (except for the slight pinch for the local anesthetic) and from the time lying face down on the extraction table to sitting in a Barcalounger-type chair and having the intravenous infusion needle removed, had there been no chatter between me and Elliot Lander and his team, the whole process would have taken less than 30 minutes. It was quick and easy.  I’m not sure this timing would be the same for everyone but that’s what it was for me.

We are aware that the process is still experimental but what we learned when we were involved with Ageless Zoom (see Judith’s first post below, Our First Interest in Stem Cells) and what is coming in the future, we humans are going to have a great deal more to say re: how we live and how we will be able to take an active participation in the development and evolution of our own lives.