Get Ready! The RAAD FEST Conference Was Mind-Expanding…

Posted by Judith

What is RAAD? “Revolution Against Aging and Death”.

Yes, that’s the name of the 4-day conference we attended in San Diego, California August 4-7 this year 2016 and we’ll be attending RAAD Fest 2017 for sure.

Yes, the scientists and anti-aging experts who spoke during the conference are on a very serious band-wagon to stop aging and in fact many are intent on finding the pathway to stopping the certainty of death. Pretty radical stuff and downright exciting if you ask us!

It inspired us to get our telomeres tested, which we are in the process of doing through LifeLength, which many people endorse as the best company to use. What are “telomeres”?

Here is Shannon Compton, PhD’s Telomere Definition from her website.

“Telomeres are short tandem repeats of nucleotides at the ends of chromosomes….

Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA, which is the carrier of genetic information. A tandem arrangement is when things are placed one behind another. So, we have short pieces of DNA that are copies of one another and are stuck to the ends of a chromosome….Telomeres function to protect the ends of chromosomes. They prevent one chromosome from binding to another (DNA is sticky). They also don’t have any genetic information. This comes in handy during DNA replication because we lose a bit of DNA with each round of cell division, so the telomeres protect the chromosomes so they are not lost.”

Soooo, to put it simply, as our cells die off and replicate themselves, each time this happens our telomeres get shorter. And even more simply, that is the primary process that causes aging.

Clearly if you want to prevent early aging, and/or you are as intent as we are on finding ways to prevent aging you will want to learn more about preventing telomere shortening! Stay tuned we are going to share that with you as we learn more.