Could This Be From My Stem Cells!?

Posted by Judith

Yesterday I saw my eye doctor for a follow up meeting after taking a routine field of vision exam a few weeks ago. AND for the first time in forever I saw 20/20 with both eyes. Typically I’ve tested at 20/30, or 20/25 at best and sometimes 20/40 in my right eye which suffered a torn retina 16 years ago which required two surgeries to repair it.

AND the pressure scores yesterday when they tested for glaucoma were 16 in each eye. Typically my scores have been 18, 19, and once in awhile 20 – with 21 being the score where they think seriously about glaucoma. 16 in each eye was terrific!

Keeping in mind that I wore glasses since junior high, contacts since high school (when they were hard lenses and it took me months to get used to wearing them), and then about 20 years later my eyes got really dry and I couldn’t wear contacts anymore and then had Radial Keratotomy surgery (the precursor of lasik) about 35 years ago where they used a diamond blade to cut the cornea in order to flatten it – near sightedness being caused by the cornea being “bug-eyed.”

My current eye doc, knowing about my history and seeing the evidence of the surgeries whenever he shines his fierce light in to take a look around said, “It’s totally amazing you can see this well with the equipment you have.”

So could this exceptional improvement, that has never happened before, be caused by the stem cell infusion that I had last June? Hmmmm, I am thinking probably so!

What do you think?

Photo credit: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health