Approximately 15 years ago…

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Approximately 15 years ago we had purchased some rental properties in Albany, New York. Getting one of them ready to show-for-rent I was working in the bathtub area. I had to dig out a piece of grout in the far corner of the tub and I knelt down full force on a piece of hardened grout on the floor about the size of a marble. The pain was intense, so much so that I had to get physical therapy. So I have had a “crabby” left kneed ever since. The pain comes and goes and I never know nor can predict when it will come again.

Dr. Lander’s clinic provides a seasoned knee-doc, Dr. John Braslow. So seasoned that he was the inventor and developer of a prosthetic knee. He prodded into my knee with his fingers and determined that the problem was/is with the meniscus.

He first had the nurse draw some blood which was then processed into PRP (platelet rich plasma). Net he injected the PRP as well as a portion of my stem cells into the right side of my knee.

As I said, my knee pain comes and goes. So immediately after the injection I was pain free but cautious. And as expected, the pain returned and it has been off and on since. However I did not nor do I expect now to experience a miracle cure. It would have been nice but I am giving my stem cells and my meniscus the time they need to get the job done (if it gets done).

I have a friend in Southern California who is undergoing the PRP treatment at another clinic. We are trading notes.

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  1. Kashonia Carnegie PhD

    This is all so very interesting.
    You know that before Buckminster Fuller died in 1983, he said that anyone who was 40 or younger in 1980 – so that would be 75 or younger in 2015, could well expect to live until they were 125, short of being hit by the proverbial bus.

    So there are two point here, both of you Judith and Jim are included in that under 75 in 2015 group and what you’re saying is supported by Bucky himself.

    And of all the predictions that Bucky made throughout his life, and there were a great many, all have come true except for this one. And of course the only reason it hasn’t YET come true is that the required number of years have not yet passed.

    Congratulations. And thanks for sharing your experience in all of this.
    You can help people live longer lives and I can help those longer lives be happy ones. : – )

    Kashonia Carnegie PhD

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