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Approximately 15 years ago…

Posted by Jim

Approximately 15 years ago we had purchased some rental properties in Albany, New York. Getting one of them ready to show-for-rent I was working in the bathtub area. I had to dig out a piece of grout in the far corner of the tub and I knelt down full force on a piece of hardened grout on the floor about the size of a marble. The pain was intense, so much so that I had to get physical therapy. So I have had a “crabby” left kneed ever since. The pain comes and goes and I never know nor can Continue Reading_»

Okay, now it’s my turn

Posted by Jim

First I want to thank Judith for her first four posts and carrying the load to get this blog started. So how was it for me? At least twenty years ago (I was 53 then) we had dinner with an online medical researcher. He said to us, “If you can live to eighty in really good health you can choose the day of your death.” How about that for provocative. But that’s when it began for me. To make an important point, for me this is not about living forever. I have no problem with the idea of dying but Continue Reading_»

Getting Our Stem Cell Infusions

Posted by Judith

Before our stem cells could be introduced into our bodies they had to be processed by using a centrifuge to isolate the stem cells. This took about an hour, so while it was in process we left the clinic and went across the street for lunch. When we returned each of us received an intravenous full body infusion through a vein in the crook of our arm, the same place they take blood when you have your blood drawn. In Jim’s case, he received half of his stem cells in this manner, leaving the other half for his knee which Continue Reading_»