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So What’s the Procedure Like?

Posted by Judith

We arrived at the clinic at 9am, having filled out extensive paper work that acknowledges the process as experimental and specifies there are no guaranteed results. We then met with Elliot who reviewed our blood work and x-rays (which he’d already seen). If if our blood panels hadn’t already existed we would have had to get them done ahead of time (with his prescription). After discussing the health issues that were indicated by our blood work (nothing major), he reinforced what he’d originally told us on the phone about Nitric Oxide being critical to health and the anti-aging process—and recommended Continue Reading_»

The Deciding Moment

Posted by Judith

When we started looking into how and where to have our stem cell infusions done, we thought we would have to leave the US and go to Thailand or the Phillipines. A variety of phone calls and email exchanges resulted in huge pricing quotes and long travel requirements. Not appealing. Then we mentioned our interest to a friend back east and he told us his first cousin Elliot Lander, MD in Rancho Mirage, CA had a stem cell clinic. Wow! We were excited and set up a phone consult right away. Elliot was terrific. Smart. Attentive. Educational. Cutting edge. We’d Continue Reading_»

Our First Interest in Stem Cells

Posted by Judith

About 5 years ago we began to read about extreme life extension—living to 150 and beyond— with good health and vitality. It even made the cover of TIME magazine. And for a short while we had a little start up called “Ageless Zoom” with a couple of partners. But like with many start ups this one imploded due to partner problems. And we moved on. But while we were involved we interviewed some of the leading edge names in the anti-aging field. For example Aubrey de Grey believes that the person who can/will live to 1000 is already alive today. Continue Reading_»