Is Living An Ageless Lifestyle Right For You?

Hi Judith & Jim here. Since you found this blog you must be curious about what it means to live an ageless lifestyle—and possibly living far beyond current expectations. Perhaps you have an interest in slowing down your own aging or even reversing your aging which could involve knowing about your telomeres, having some of your own stem cells integrated into your body, learning what cryonic suspension could mean for you and/or your loved ones.

We can’t and won’t advise you on any this. Nor are we going to teach or preach about it. But we are going to share our own experiences as we pursue our own anti-aging lifestyle. For instance we had our own stem cells infused into our bodies June 12, 2015 and we’re sharing our experiences before, during, and after having this done. Start reading from the bottom of the blog posts if you want to read in chronological order. Then in 2016 we had our telomeres tested and we’ll report on that.

Before you get started reading through our current reporting, we want you to know that we are both very healthy septuagenarians. Jim was born December 6, 1941 and Judith was born December 18, 1943. We were married to each other in 1988 and still enjoy working full time. While we keep to a very healthy food and beverage plan, with neither of us smoking or drinking (Jim will have an occasional gin and tonic, Judith is allergic to anything fermented), we are exercise-challenged with neither of us ever having been attracted to things like swimming, cycling, running, going to the gym, etc. So getting the body moving is pretty limited here at team J & J with walking and dancing (to down and dirty blues and R & B when we can find a club with that kind of music). We share this with you to make sure you understand that we are far from being beacons of physical fitness yet we intend to live very long and healthy lives!